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 Welcome to my Website           -             What is it that you want in life?

Lets face it, we all need someone to talk to, and sometimes in life, we get stuck.  What I offer is therapy that suits you.  After all, we are all unique so there is never a one size fits all therapy!  Call it counselling, call it talking therapy, call it solution focused therapy or whatever.  The fact is we all need different things and we all respond to different ways.  So what I offer is your therapy, your way because you are unique!

Change your mind..Change your life.  

Easier said than done right?  I am passionate about empowering you to make changes, and become your best self rather than being chained to old habits, and old patterns of behaviour.  

I offer one to one talking therapy sessions as well as Hypnotherapy and use a range of techniques. My aim is to begin change within the first session.   But to make change we first need to believe we can....recognise where we are limiting ourselves, and why.  Then we need to know where we are headed and what it is we want and believe we deserve it.  Once you begin the process it gathers momentum and change begins. 

 My job is to open all the doors, your job is to choose which doors to finally close and which door to step through :). 

Some people avoid therapy or hypnosis, seeing it as a sign of weakness.  They feel they should be able to deal with their problems.  The truth is that therapy is a sign of strength.  It takes a lot of courage to seek help, as it makes you very self aware.  You learn so much about yourself.  You are able to explore why you react the way you do, why you feel the way you do and develop new insights.  It takes courage to want to change.  It takes courage to begin the change.  So many people stay the same, getting the same results because of the fear of change. I offer a range of options for therapy so take a browse through my site and see if it resonates with you.  Feel free to ask any questions and let me know how i can help you.

I am experienced with working with teenagers and children, whether you are looking for a one off session for your child to get through a difficult moment or something on a regular basis.  Drop me a line and see how I can help.

Browse my website and find out more about how I work and what I offer.

Thanks for visiting! 

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