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*NEW* LIFE JOURNEY COURSE ..Scroll down for more info

 Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial at removing old negative habits and reinforcing new behaviour.  It can be used for so many things.  Our subconscious mind is the key to making any changes.  Almost anything you can think of can be treated with hypnosis.  Whether you are looking to break old habits or need to boost your confidence or have old fears/ worries holding you back.  Hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis can also be used alongside talking therapy to remove blocks and  integrate new patterns of behaviour and motivation.

    • Weight loss/gain (courses available)
    • Confidence
    • Anxiety 
    • Weight Loss(unique 6 week course also available)
    • Gastric Band Hypnosis (5 session course)
    • Depression
    • PTSD
    • Exam/Interview nerves
    • Gym/Sport motivation
    • Stop Smoking
    • Binge drinking
    • Fears and Phobias
    • Anger management
    • Pain Control
    • IBS symptoms
    • Jealousy/trust issues
    • Grief/loss
    • Better relationships
    • Relaxation
    • Insomnia
    • Panic Attacks
    • Public speaking
    • Spiritual Hypnosis


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     *  *NEW* Life Journeys Course (4 sessions - see below for details)

Most people describe hypnotherapy as an unbelievably relaxing experience and really enjoy it.

*NEW*  Life Journeys Course -  This is the ultimate life changer.

Session 1 - Past and Forgiveness. (in order to move forward we must forgive, not only others but ourselves too) We have to let go of the past and get rid of the baggage that no longer serves us.

Session 2 - Future and goals.  To make changes we first need to know where we are going, you have to know where you are heading on the journey in order to know what changes can happen along the way. 
Session 3 - The Present and Changes, now we deal with the present situation and break the patterns that are holding you back and install the changes that you want in your life that will enable you to move forward 

Session 4 -  The Gift..I called this the gift as what you are doing in this session is accepting the gift of your own future, exactly as you want it to be reinforced with extra motivation, positivity and confidence.  By the end of these 4 weeks...You are ready and able to move forward with a new confidence and belief in yourself.

For a limited time the Life Journey course is available for £200 instead of the normal price of £299.  


NEW  Anxiety/Stressmanagement Course 

 Life can be stressful at times and anxiety can quickly become an issue that is taking away your peace of mind and freedom.  It can lead to panic attacks and withdrawal.  My course helps you learn techniques to deal with all situations and create a clearer and more focused mind so that you can learn to stop the internal mind chatter and take control back over your emotions.   These can be done in your own home if you prefer

Hypnosis feels different for everyone but some describe it as a dreamy, floaty, relaxing feeling. Sometimes like the feeling you get just before you drift off to sleep. Very relaxed. Very safe. Very natural.  You only need a very light trance for hypnosis to be effective.  Some people worry they may fall asleep or "go right out of it".  Let me reassure you, you will only go as deep as your mind wants you to go.  You won't fall asleep and will probably hear every word I say.  Whether you hear every word or some words, or just drift off and forget to listen, its fine.  Your subconscious is listening so you don't have to.  In this very relaxed state positive suggestions are made to your subconscious.  To re-program, if you like the learned habits and responses, to new more effective patterns of behaviour to allow you to make the changes you desire.

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