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Whether you are already pregnant or are trying for a baby or going through IVF, Hypnosis is incredible for making things happen by creating a calm relaxed mindset and alleviating any of the fears or concerns.

IVF Support..

When you are going through IVF treatment it can put a huge strain on you in terms of feeling a bit anxious, or feeling a bit clinical as you hand yourself over to the specialists, when it comes to making a baby!  I believe the best preparation for a baby is a calm relaxed environment and a mum that feels in control of her body and stress free.    Using hypnosis for support before your treatment and during it, can make the whole experience more empowering, loving and natural.  It keeps you focused on what you want as well as keeping your body relaxed and your mind stress free, which helps in all areas of your life.   


As a Hypnobirthing teacher I love hearing my new mums birth stories and how empowered they felt.  Ask any Hypnobirther and they will tell you what a powerful experience it is!  There are plenty of hypnobirthing classes around these days but what I discovered when my niece was pregnant with her first baby is that there are not many that offer affordable flexible one to one support 

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