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SO LET'S TALK........

When it comes to talking therapy I offer several ways of having your sessions, maybe you prefer weekly one hour sessions or perhaps would prefer a longer session.   Whilst the thought of a long session may feel daunting, they are actually really positive and create real progress and change as there is time to get more work done in a longer session. For some people whose available time is limited these are the perfect solution.

Sometimes we need to close doors, before we can open new ones.

Whether you just need a one off session to get some clarity or weekly support to come to terms or work through a situation.  this is your therapy, your way.  

For some people a one off 3 hour session is all they need to gain clarity, insight and strength to move forward.  For others that are facing changes in life and just want to be heard as they open the bigger picture to find the options available a 2 hour Life Reboot ( see bottom of page for more info on these )  works well.  Of course others will always prefer a weekly one hour session to open the boxes and work through the situation with weekly support and listening.  

However you approach your therapy time is up to you and it could be the biggest gift you ever give to yourself...

One hour session         £50
Life Reboot 2 hours   £100
Three hour session    £140


Or why not
Take a Mind Detox workshop...

I know changing a situation and stepping into the unknown can be overwhelming.  I know sometimes it feels we have nowhere to turn or can't see the wood for the trees.  

This is how I came up with my idea to offer workshops mornings and whole days.  For some people weekly sessions just don't appeal and to be honest longer sessions often are more successful as we have time to really unravel things and use techniques to create change along with healing and some lovely positive relaxation. 

 I call it a Mind Detox workshop! 

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to spend a morning or afternoon just talking everything through and unravelling all the things that are weighing you down, and ending your session with a lovely relaxation energy clearing and hypnotherapy session that you can listen to at home too, full of motivation and positivity to help you move forward? 

Or maybe spend a whole day with me, focusing purely on yourself and working through what you want for your life.  Resolving those old issues or behaviours that are holding you back?   Whether you have problems to work through or are in a difficult situation and struggling right now, or perhaps would like to spend a morning or afternoon or whole day being heard, self reflecting, learning techniques to help you, and letting go of all the old ways you no longer need, I have a one to one session that will suit you.

Whether you are looking for motivation to change or want to work through bigger issues that are holding you back.  The Clarity could be just what you are looking for... 

Half day Mind Detox .       (4 hours)             £200

Whole day Mind Detox                                  £400

positive changesLife reboot sessions

"What if I fail?  What if things don't work out?  What if I regret it?  What if i'm not good enough?" 

These may be things you have been saying to yourself....Change is scary for most people.  Which is why we stay in situations we are not happy with.  Whether it's a relationship, a job or even a friendship

 If you are looking for a quick session to address what needs to change and to sort through the fog thats holding you back, and create new goals, a Life Reboot could be just the thing you need.

A Life Reboot Session can set you on the right track towards your goals, break old patterns of behaviour, and allow you to begin creating the best life for you.  Find out what needs are not being met in a positive way and create new strategies to create change.  Understand how negative patterns are holding you back or why you are procrastinating or self sabotaging in areas you want to succeed.  Create a more motivated you!

 These are usually a single stand alone 2 hour session but many people like to go on afterwards to monthly or quarterly reboot sessions to keep on track, depending on their goals.  
Whether its work/relationship/family/lifestyle/diet related, a Life Reboot session could be suitable for you.  Two hours really could change everything for you...Lets face it, who doesn't need a life reboot sometimes!  



Age appropriate sessions for children and teenagers struggling with school/family/friendships/exams etc.        

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