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Food addiction is real!  A food addicted brain is the same as any addict brain.  Always looking for the next "fix".  The next sugar craving.  The next bread craving.  The next "treat".    Have you ever started diets and felt for certain, that this time you would do it....only to start sneaking the odd biscuit or extra helping of food after a few weeks. You could be addicted to food.  Or at least addicted to certain foods.  That makes dieting difficult.  After all, you can't just "give up" food! 

 Maybe you find diets make you grumpy or miserable.  There really is no fun in feeling deprived! 

 Diets work on the body but not on the mind.   An addict brain needs reprogramming... when you understand how you are being kept addicted you have the power to change the cycle.

It takes 21-28 days for the subconscious mind to fully accept a new habit or behaviour. 

 All change must be made in the subconscious. 

 When we embark on diets we are making the decision with the conscious mind. We have to let the subconscious know what changes we want in our lives.  We have to shift the "addict" brain.

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Am I just suggesting Hypnosis is a magic switch that can do all this for you?  Absolutely not!!.  It still requires that you do the work, you have to follow some rules, you have to make changes.  

What hypnosis can do, is allow you to make the changes easily.  Without the struggle, with a motivated mindset.  It all becomes natural and easy with no feelings of deprivation and no battling willpower!

Begin new habits and behaviour around food and exercise, without that internal struggle between the conscious and the subconscious mind.  Get free of that addiction.  

For some people following a strict plan is not an option...it makes them feel deprived.  With an addict brain it almost sends them into a frenzy cycle of secret eating whenever they can.   A 4 week course to understand the addicted brain and to work out what changes you can make easily with the support Hypnotherapy could be your way to a slimmer, healthier, future with freedom from the addicted cycle. Eating healthy becomes a natural way of eating and you may even start to enjoy exercise!  This means it becomes a new way of life for you without feeling you are being deprived or going without in any way.  


Got a friend or two you want to lose weight with?  Why not do a course together in your own home?  I can come to you and run the sessions, weekly plus you get recordings to listen to between sessions that are tailor made to each individuals problems!.  It works out cheaper and when you are losing weight with a friend you are the greatest motivators!! Contact me for more details. 

  This is about changing the thought patterns around food, breaking the addiction,  and creating the motivation to succeed so that you work towards your goal and away from the old negative ways of eating.

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