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In light of the current Coronavirus situation I am now offering Online Therapy only.  If you are unable Or prefer not to communicate via video platform I can also offer support via email.  I also offer recorded Hypnotherapy sessions tailored specifically to you.   If you would like to know more about how I can help please contact me at  

Change your mind....
                                    Change your life...

Hypnotherapy and Counselling Surrey areaWelcome to my website.  

 We all need someone to talk to...  
Sure, we can talk to friends but we don't want our friends to be our therapists as that changes the dynamics.  We are in a highly pressurised world now, with more expectations and demands on us than ever before.  Life is challenging, to say the least, for many, and all with the added little nugget of social media to really kick our self esteem in the teeth if we are not living our "best life" :) 

If you have reached my site you are probably at the point where you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and ready to do something about it. 

Take a browse through my website and see if I resonate with you.   I offer Hypnotherapy and Counselling  on a human level :) in a relaxed environment, along with some more niche sessions using a range of techniques.   From one hour sessions to half and whole day workshops.  I am passionate about what I do and am based in Woking Surrey.   If you have questions or want to see how I can help you, please email me and I will be happy to call and talk to you with no obligation or pressure.

need some help anxiety depression life changes can be challenging Take the first brave step into starting some momentum in your life to change direction and get back in control of things that may seem to be free falling!

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I  offer full day or half day mastery of the self workshops.  For those who would love a morning/afternoon or a whole day having a complete healing experience including finishing with a reiki experience and energy/chakra balancing healing session.  In these sessions we use a range of techniques for a complete mind/body/soul experience.  These sessions also include a copy of your soul plan which is based on your full birth name and Hebrew numerology.  This plan can guide you to your personality traits, strengths and karmic lessons you may encounter.  If you are looking for a really soulful therapeutic healing on every level, mind, body and spirit, then these sessions are for you!  Please contact me for further details.

please browse my website and feel free to ask any questions..

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