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Reiki soul therapy mind body spirit intuitive counsellingREVEAL IT TO HEAL IT...

When you see something from a different perspective it can change the whole picture.....

Have you got to the point where everything feels too much and you just need to speak to someone?

Does an old pattern of behaviour keeps repeating and you are fed up with it? 

For some people the idea of weeks stuck in therapy seems a bit daunting, they just want to be able to go and see someone, open the box, talk over the issues, understand it better,  learn a few techniques, and move forward.  I get I began to look at my counselling sessions differently......  

A one hour session seemed, to me, to be doing an injustice to people.  I always felt we were just making headway or at a critical point when the time would be up.   Then the following week half the session was going back over the previous week before we could get started.   To me, it didn't seem to make good use of the clients time and I knew if we just had more time we could make so much more progress.

Time to do things differently....

 I started setting 3 hour sessions instead.  What I found was the amount of work and insight and breakthrough achieved in those 3 hours were often all someone needed to be able to make big leaps in progress or know exactly what they needed to change and how.   

 There was time for clients to really relax and express themselves and be heard and understood in a way a one hour session lacked.  

For many people just the one 3 hour session was all they needed. 

Another bonus with the longer session was that it made it easier for people as there were no weekly sessions to commit to or fit into a hectic schedule...just one 3 hour session then they could always fit in a shorter session if they felt they needed it or have a monthly "top up" session.  The sessions are as individual as you are.  There is never a one size fits all!

 Not every situation or issue is suited to this short term technique but a lot are!  


I always send a relaxing recording for you to listen to at home after the session tailored to your specific needs which helps to reinforce the progress made in the session and help you continue making the changes you desire.

if you wish to know more or have questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 I offer online sessions if you are unable to get to me.  

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