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hypnotherapy fears and phobias weight loss confidence anxiety depressionHYPNOTHERAPY....

Not just for breaking habits! 

Hypnosis feels different for everyone but some describe it as a dreamy, floaty, relaxing feeling. Sometimes like the feeling you get just before you drift off to sleep. Very relaxed. Very safe. Very natural. 

 Hypnosis is very effective for making changes, reducing stress,  becoming more confident, building  motivation and breaking habits such as smoking and so much more.  When you access the powerful subconscious mind changes become easier and feel natural.  

I also offer tailor made hypnosis recordings for you to use at home if you simply need some extra support breaking habits and would like a personalised recording to help.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."                               Albert Einstein

*  Weight loss
*  Anxiety
*  Depression
*  Job interview confidence
*  Exam nerves
*  Better performance
*  Public speaking
*  Fears and Phobias
*  Divorce/Relationship break up
*  Pregnancy/Birth/Fertility
*  Stress management
*  Anger
*  Jealousy
*  Stop Smoking
*  Breaking habits
*  Moving on
*  Motivation
*  Confidence 
and so much more.  Almost anything you can think of can be treated using Hypnotherapy. 

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for using with Metaphysical sessions, such as building intuition, balancing chakras, spiritual exploration, developing your psychic potential and so much more ...There is a part of you that knows  the abilities that lie within you and is always guiding you. 

Call it your higher mind, your oversoul or any other labels, it is a powerful part of you that you can access.  

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own ability to let go of all preconceived ideas and set your spirit free....

Past life regression  Soul therapy

almost any problem you can think of can be helped with Hypnotherapy.. .  

                   90 minute  Metaphysical HYPNOSIS SESSION  £90
                   1 hour traditional hypnotherapy session   £60

                             4 sessions to a new way of being..  

3b 2  Hypnotherapy and counselling surrey area

This is the ultimate life changer.  4 x 90 minute sessions.   Each compiled to set you free into the future you deserve.  You also have an audio to listen to each night between sessions.  

Session 1 - Past and Forgiveness. (in order to move forward we must forgive, not only others but ourselves too) We have to let go of the past and get rid of the baggage that no longer serves us. We must cut the cords emotionally and psychically to things that no longer serve us. 

Session 2 - Future and goals.  To make changes we first need to know where we are going, you have to know where you are heading on the journey in order to know what changes can happen along the way. This is a lovely setting the intention session, where we begin the manifesting and change process.
Session 3 - The Present and Changes, now we deal with the present situation and break the patterns that are holding you back and install the changes that you want in your life that will enable you to move forward 

Session 4 -  The Gift..I called this the gift as what you are doing in this session is accepting the gift of your own future, exactly as you want it to be reinforced with extra motivation, positivity and confidence.  You are fully connected, recharged and balanced mind, body and soul, and manifesting the life you deserve.   By the end of these 4 weeks...You are ready and able to move forward with a new confidence and belief in yourself and your own abilities to create what you want in your life.

Cost £299 for 4 x 90 minute sessions.  
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