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 Calling all Ladies of a Certain Age....or less!

change your mind change your lifeThe menopause (that dreaded word) can be a very challenging time for women.  I don't want to label it or anything but just like puberty its a challenging time due to our lovely hormones! It doesn't even have a nice name.  Now if it was called the Transition I'm sure it would have less negative feelings about it.....maybe....

 For a start it usually begins around the same time as our children, if we have them, are grown up and no longer need us much.  Also it happens smack bang around the time when we are just starting to notice we are becoming a little bit "invisible" to the world. Or you start getting referred to as the middle aged lady :).  Its no fun and I hear you.  I have been there got the t.shirt and fanned my way through it......

It can also be the time when many women are beginning find their elderly parents or relatives are needing support, so like the troopers they are they often find themselves running ragged and feel guilty for feeling a bit fed up about the deal life has given them right now.  On top of that you may even be looking after grandchildren....I mean, is it any wonder stress and anxiety are rife!?  

 Of course there are also many women that go through the experience when they are still relatively young and early menopause can be a tricky thing to navigate alone as it brings up all sorts of emotions and can affect your sense of identity so much.    

For many the menopause is a time when anxiety rears its disruptive head too.  For some ladies they may find themselves becoming confused, forgetful, emotional, angry and a little bit lost in life.  If you are also going through any big life change such as divorce, moving house, children leaving home, illness in the family, or even job changes, it can all feel a million times worse.

counselling and hypnotherapy surrey areaWhere confidence used to live there is now self doubt and the ability to make a decision seems to disappear!  A good nights sleep means you need all the windows open and basically if you could climb in the fridge you would.  Suddenly being wide awake at 2 am with no chance of getting back to sleep also becomes the norm so its no wonder you are a tad tetchy in your sleep deprived state the next day.  Everyone around you laughs it off as your hormones and you just want to scream into the nearest pillow.  

Yet where is the support or help out there? ...other than a doctor whose seen a thousand sleep deprived ladies already and sent them all off on HRT! 

Its a time in life when you really do feel you are at a crossroads or need some kind of direction and its the time in your life i think where many feel the most lost!  You question everything in your life, your relationships, your purpose , your direction.  No good chatting to friends as they are all suffering too and it becomes a symptom swap session instead or a discussion on how to shift the extra pounds that seem to have stuck themselves around your waist overnight..

I hear you ladies...I will listen....I can help...I don't have the magic pill, but I do know what helps and how you are put a positive on it, its a transition into another phase...

Hypnotherapy works wonders during the menopause at easing anxiety and helping you to calm those intrusive hot flushes where all you want to do is find the nearest fan!  Everywhere feels too hot :)  Talking therapy works great for just getting all that frustration and anxiety and bag of emotions out on the table and sorting through the "stuff" we carry, and finding what will be your best way forward!  

I run 2 or 3 hour sessions on a one to one basis.  I always end the session with a relaxation session specific to your needs and teach you how to use the power of your mind to ease through the hot flushes, along with a recording for you to listen to at bedtime to help you sleep, relieve anxiety and boost your confidence again.  


If you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment please either tel. 07967 806099 or fill in the form and I will get back to you promptly.  
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