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counselling and hypnotherapy"He who lives in Harmony with himself, lives in harmony with the Whole Universe.."Albert Einstein

I offer 1 hour and 3 hour sessions in soulful therapy.  What is this?  Its a combination of Soulful Counselling and Hypnotherapy but on a deeper level for those that are more spiritual and see life through spiritual eyes rather than earth ones!  If you are looking to expand your intuition and become more in tune with the energies around you as well as see the challenges in life from a more soulful perspective then you will enjoy these sessions.  If these words resonate with you, then you will know what I mean and these sessions are for you! 

Usually I recommend the 3 hour sessions.  Especially for a first visit as this gives us plenty of time to talk.  I can find out who you are and where you want to be in your life. what challenges you have faced and what spiritual practices you do, if any. 

Often only one three hour session is all people need to gain enough insight into their situation to know the way forward and to feel reconnected to their true self again.  

We always finish the session with a hypnotherapy or a meditation experience that I can record so that you can continue to listen at home. 

 "Don't wait for the right conditions.  All you need for your growth is available to you in this moment."         Radhe Maa

need someone to talk toThe truth is that becoming more in the flow of life through this kind of exploration can really change your life for the better.  

This can be the best gift you ever give to yourself.  Life is hard when you are constantly swimming upstream! 

 You will have the opportunity to develop new insights, learn techniques you can use at home to keep you moving forward and feel back in the flow of life again. 

 It takes courage to want to change.  It takes courage to begin the change.  It takes courage to stand out there! It takes courage to feel that lone voice at times.  

 So many people stay the same, getting the same results because of the fear of change or how others perceive them.  

Everything is a lesson and everything is connected and things will just keep repeating until we wake up, understand it, make peace with it and get back in that flow state.

Let the light in - who knows what it may reveal!  
However you approach your therapy time is up to you and it could be the biggest gift you ever give to yourself...

One hour session         £50

Three hour session    £140

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Tel. 07967 806099

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