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"There is only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving - and thats your own self"  Aldous Huxley

 If you have reached my site you are probably at the point where you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and ready to do something about it.  

You have landed on my website for a reason!  Call it intuition , call it guidance, call it the universe in action. 

As someone who lives by their intuition and believes passionately in the mind/body/spirit/universal connection I found myself always working with my counselling and hypnotherapy clients in a more spiritual "laws of the universe"  way and followed the journey to develop my own style.   People embraced the connectivity approach and it was  clear that the Universal laws were key to creating a peaceful life.  Now, it is my preferred way of working with clients with any problem.

When you understand the power and strength you really have within you, you stop feeling helpless.  

When you recognise on a deeper level the reasons for the challenges you are experiencing, life suddenly seems interesting rather than oppressive or daunting.  

When you see something from a different perspective it can change the whole picture.....

Depression, loneliness, anxiety, fears and phobias and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour rule peoples lives.  Leading to isolation, disconnection and a helpless feeling of being stuck. 

Is something calling you to take action to change your situation but you just can't find your way out..maybe you feel trapped or overwhelmed...?

Are you stuck in a cycle that keeps repeating over and over in your life....? 

Maybe... you are ready now to explore something deeper?  Maybe your mind is now opening up to things you previously closed off to or denied? 

 There is some part of you that just knows there must be more..

If my words resonate with you,recognise that you are being called to take action to begin to live life to your full potential...to become a spiritual explorer and discover how much more there really is..

There are 12 Universal laws that govern every living thing on this planet...

The Laws of the Universe....

1.  The Law of Divine Oneness  -  you are not a tiny drop in the ocean you are part of the ocean and part of a universe so vast your mind cannot even begin to comprehend it.

2.  The Law of Vibration  -  everything is energy, everything is "vibing"  including You!  Your energy needs to be aligned to the vibration of that which you want to attract to your life.  There are many things that lower our vibration and bring negative things to us so its important to do things that keep your vibration high.

3.  The Law of Action -  To activate the other laws you must begin with inspired action.  You cannot just sit back and wait for the universe to deliver.  You need to begin the flow state to set things in motion.  Without action nothing can begin moving in your direction.  If you wanted to move you wouldn't just sit back and wait, you would look at houses, decide on what you really want, go and look around some, ... you would begin that flow! 

4.  The Law of Correspondence  -  Our inner world reflects to us in the outer world.  In other words what we are internally programming ourselves with...im too fat...will always be in debt etc., always have bad luck... is exactly what we draw to us and exactly how our lives become!  Think about it...what programme do you keep running that keeps repeating in your life?

5.  The Law of Cause and Effect -  What you do comes back to you.  You reap what you sow.  If you are negative or judgemental of others you will draw this to you in consequences.  If you don't give your time to others you won't find others giving time to you.

6.  The Law of Attraction -  Everyone knows this one...Like attracts like..positive people draw positive people and experiences.  Negativity breeds more negativity and misfortune.  But you need to do more than just visualise what you want or "think positive",  you need to line up with it, get vibing with it and take the first step of inspired action towards what you want.  In order for the law of attraction to work all the other laws need to be in sync too.

7.  The Law of Compensation -  If you want to receive more happiness, more kindness, more compassion in life, simply become what you want to see and receive!  Give to receive..it works every time.  All these laws work perfectly together.

8.  The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy. -  Energy is constantly changing, everything is in constant motion.  So if you don't like how life is going..recognise you have the power to change it.  Rearrange how you see life, how you approach things and everything changes.  Things pass, things move on.  Get in the flow of it.

9.  The Law of Relativity  -  Energy is always manifesting.  Everyone faces challenges, its part of our journey.  Life was not meant to be a smooth ride, if it was we would learn absolutely nothing and never develop more skills or resilience.  Everything passes, the important thing is to simply recognise the lessons.

10.  The Law of Polarity -  Everything has an opposite.  Light and dark, happiness and sadness.  Without one the other would not exist.  Those negative feelings you are getting, what is their opposite?  

11.  The Law of Rhythm -  Everything vibrates to its own rhythm.  Nature has seasons.  Everything has a cycle.  A time when things are ready to happen.   Learning to harmonise with the rhythm of life, or vibrating on a higher level brings more of what you want in life at the time when you are ready.  When the student is ready the teacher appears!

12.  The Law of Gender  -   Or rather the law of gestation .All things have both masculine and feminine energies.  All things have a yin and yang.   All things need time, space and nurturing to grow.  This law is actually more of a metaphor about planting seeds, theres nothing to see yet but you keep the faith and you are patient and trust it will happen and be in perfect balance. 

"Once you make a decision...the Universe conspires to make it happen"                                                           Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Take a browse through my site.  Feel free to ask any questions and let me know how i can help you.

Thanks for visiting! 

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